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Понедельник, 06 Апрель 2015 17:54

Minus 10 kg, minus 7 cm in waist, minus 7 cm in the hips. With Ease!

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Minus 10 kg !!! Who would not be happy this result, and if still minus 7 cm in waist and minus 7 cm in the hips, it is generally a great success on the road to weight loss, youth and beauty.

I propose to do without long introductions and publicity stunts, such as .. "You have tried .... - did not, and now ...! Amazing miracle, new, newest, etc. "
Once you are here and reading this, it means that the issue is ripe for you minus 10 kg - it is not easy.
Therefore, go immediately to the practical side of things.
The practice of "Minus 10 kg" is as follows: any diet, exercise, special equipment is required. Tablets and medicines will not.
"Minus 10 kg." Will Be:
1. Weight Loss. Analysis and consideration of your original data.
2. Work with the settings to "tame" your appetite and get minus 10 kg.
3. The practical recognition of the symptoms of hunger and the realization that they are not from the stomach.
4. Active in love with himself, his body.
5. New You and your new body.
Weight loss of 10 kg minus occurs smoothly and naturally, allowing your skin does not stretch, and "take" an active part in building a new body.
The body itself will decide how much to reduce and for how long. In this approach, a "solution" overweight - -10 kg, and that more will not be back.
In addition, you will recognize the signals of your stomach and you will understand when it comes to hunger, and when there are false "questions."
Further, after a certain period of time, you will notice and get confirmation of this: your stomach can not hold as much food as it was before. Moreover, your stomach will make himself such a choice. And you will find that you can eat less and still be as active as before.
"Minus 10 kg." First steps
So what should you do now.
1. Write down your real weight to date, put date.
Need to stand on the scales with both feet. Squeezes his eyes shut does not need to hold your breath - too. If the numbers on the scales seem unrealistically large, relax and wait for a few seconds. Imagine your weight minus 10 kg. And its bright future state.
2. Measure your waist and write, how many centimeters it is without retracting the abdomen.
3. Learn hips, too, in centimeters.
Without convulsive contraction meter around your hips. Remember, the correct measurement of waist and hips is when there are no dents of prints meter on your body after this procedure.
4. Find the photo, where (in your opinion) you were the most beautiful and graceful.
Only in April! Minus 13 kg, minus 7 cm in waist, minus 7 cm in the hips. With Ease! Open Webinar
by author Bella Aveb
Learn more ...
Consider yourself on it. If you do not smile in the photo, it is better to imagine that you are - happy, joyful and cheerful. Close your eyes, play it your picture on your home screen, activate the joyful feeling. And whispered, minus 10 kg, minus 7 cm in waist, minus 7 cm in the hips. And begin to spin in the lung, "air" dance.

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