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Karma - fee for its activities

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Karma is translated from Sanskrit as an activity, act, deed. Or rather we live according to the proverb "what goes around, comes around." As a result, we have our own destiny - the result of our activities.

All that we have done good or bad people back to us. But, due to the inertia of the material world, the deed didn’t back to us immediately, but accumulates decades and according to the law "meanness" often "covers" in the most joyous moments of life. When it seemed that everything was brilliant: career, family, wealth. Therefore karma in the understanding of most people is associated with negative events, often fatal order, which, as many believe, cannot be changed. This view is based on a small study experience manifestations of karmic events in a person's life. The consequence of this is the inability to correctly take them into your life and use to their advantage.

Karma - not a sentence, but the way of development

As always, more study of the subject opens the possibility of seeing many faces, and using the correct response series of events for the benefit.

The question may arise: "Do Karma can" tame? "Of course, karma, events laid the past incarnations cant be changed, because it is there and stretch the nodes to be" cut "the man in the present incarnation. But to understand and accept the nature of what is happening in life, karma - is possible. In addition, a thorough study of this issue allows you to see the cause and effect of a phenomenon that enables the use of it for good.

Karma and karmic situations

Karma and its laws are constantly, but just a man does not always see the cause - effect relationship. Forecasting Systems (Tarot cards and astro-forecasts) allow to thoroughly analyze karmic situations in life, including karmic marriages. After careful study builds narrative, which in plain simple language conveys to the person why there was such a connection. The next step is figuring out whether this type of relationship to work through karmic situations or not worked out. On this basis, build a strategy for further movement.

Karma and its use for the benefit of

Karma is constantly adjusted our actions. Old karma is fulfilled, and the new karma accumulated. It should be noted that only the adoption of information about the event in a person's life, not only to work much, but the question itself has changed. The fact is that being aware of the cause of the events, the person ceases to blame someone that has occurred or happened, he sees the real background of the event. Removed immediately ex unsubstantiated claims to other people, and a person is immersed in

rethinking the situation. To do this, it is desirable to change the attitude towards life and people using various techniques, such as techniques of Forgiveness, Thanksgiving, the formula of happiness. And then have sent forces, thought and desire to change themselves in order to not only take place with minimal losses during this period, but also built the way how it is possible to use the current period for the benefit of the human soul. After all, karma, fate changed with each new act, a new thought, a new business, a new word. In conclusion I would say that if fate has brought you this far, then you have been given knowledge to change everything in your life! And your choice is, you take advantage of this great opportunity or not ... The law of free choice!

More about the karmic indicators in a person's horoscope, about karmic marriage and manifestation of a person's life, you can learn from the video below (16 min 37 sec.):




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